Kitzbühel and Salzburg New Year 2008

12th Jan 2008

New Year 2008 saw our long awaited return to Kitz, for skiing (and Après skiing) with Karen, Heather, Maree, Roger and Jo (Yo!).

Karen and Leisl


and lots more snow!

Leisl in a winter wonderland

So 4 Aussies, 1 German and 2 Brits from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Switzerland and UK (not necessarily in that order) invaded the Mexican bar, in Austria, run by a Japanese man.  International or what?

Heather and Karen

Roger asked for a 
'Big Drink' 

Nick had some too

Traditional self-portrait 
- what's with 
the Antennae Leisl?

Aki, our host for the evening.
By 12:00 the bouncer was 
referring to us as 
'Friends of Aki'

Leisl celebrates 
successfully Après skiing


Nick giving Heather fashion 
advice - 
Pink and Orange?

Roger, Roger, Roger....

Group photo with our 
new 4th best friends 
Steph and Olly

Steph and Olly

We thought we were 
standing upright....

New Year outside

Midnight Atmosphere

New Year Celebrations

Fireworks over Kitzbühel

Leisl came outside

Jo and Heather stayed inside

Kitzbühel main square

The traditional Austrian 
New Year pastime of 
'Firework Throwing'

Jo and Heather

New Year's Day - fresh snow

View from the Chalet

2008 begins with a flaming
demonstration by the 
Rot Teufels  

a few people were there 
to watch 

Including Leisl and Nick - 
who surprised himself
 with this self portrait

The crowds head back 
into town

For fireworks

and fireworks



aaaah, a heart



back to the serious 
business of skiing..

Jo (Mr Fuschia), 
Roger (Mr Orange)
Karen (Ms Red)
Maree (Ms Tan)

Nick (Mr Helmet), Fuschia Jo, 
and Maree giving 
Karen a piggy back

Jo Skiing (Video Clip)

Karen Skiing (Video Clip)

Roger Skiing (Video Clip)

Heather Skiing (Video Clip)

Chairlift self portrait

Sunset from the mountain

Roger dancing in Ski-boots

The Apres Gang having a 
well earned Gluhwein.

Leisl & Nick

Maree and Jo

Roger and skis

Heather and Bob the Builder 
Dirk the Dentist

New Day, New Chairlift - 
now with added Heather!

Heather, Maree, Jo and Nick

Leisl and a tired looking Nick

Leisl took the gondola down, 
whilst Nick Skied down 
the Hannenkahm course

Kitzbühel laid out below

The sunrise view over our 
en-suite Railway Station


And then we hit Salzburg...

Salzburg Castle 
(Hohensalzburg Fortress)

With a Leisl in the party, 
we had to do the 
Sound of Music tour

The Untersberg mountain 
(where Maria starts the film)

Moody Untersberg

Leopoldskron Castle - 
the rear and (unfrozen) 
lake was the back of 
the Von Trapp House 

The frozen lake

The Von Trapp house (rear)

Leisl and Nick - 
Leisl has small people in 
her hair

Leopoldskron Castle

People on the frozen lake

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Frohnburg Castle - 
the front of the 
Von Trapp House

the one month castle 
near Hellbrunn Gardens
quite a project 
management feat! 

Leisl is 16 going on 17 
(cough, cough)

Leisl strikes her famous 
'Sound of Music' pose

Leisl and her siblings 
sing with Maria

Another view of the 
Hohensalzburg Castle

Our tour guide - like a 
camp Larry Hagman

Out into the countryside

In front of St. Gilgen 
(where Mozart's Mom was 
born) and Lake Fuschl 

St. Gilgen and Mountains - 
as seen at the start of 
'Sound of Music'

And who joined us for 
a self portrait - 
Wolfy himself.  
Pity he didn't smile...

Panorma of St Gilgen, Lake Fuschl and the hills, alive with the Sound of Music!

The church from the 
wedding scene in SoM

Salzburg by night

the visit would not have been 
complete without a visit to 
the beerhall attached to 
the Mülln Monastery

Leisl having a quiet pint

Nick - can you nose-tice 
the skiing injury?

Austrian kids singing carols
in '3 kings' costume.

This is still the same beer 
- honest!!


The Beerhall 
- definitely worth a visit!

The St Augustine brewery 
that produces the beer 
for the hall.

Our hotel - the Elefant.  
Great location in the old town

The Mirabell gardens

Leisl in the SoM pose, 
singing Do-Ray-Me

The Do-Ray-Me steps

In the pose in front of 
the Pegasus fountain in the 
Mirabell Gardens

The Hedge tunnel

'Ere, that 'orse is 
laughing at us

Evil cats on the Urn.  
How much does a cat 'urn?

Us in front of 
the Mirabell gardens

Salzburg is not all about SoM 
- it's also where Mozart 
was born and lived

In front of Mozart's Doorway

Salzburg is also about 
Sacher Torte

Mmmm, Sacher Torte

View from the 
Modern Art Museum

Panorama of the city

Self Portrait

No old fashioned cars 
or scarf wearing bikers


Leisl in front of the 
Salzach River - it looked cold
- the river, not Leisl that is.

The Mozart Bridge

with added Leisl

and more Leisl

yes, it's a SoM location, 
so the obligatory pose 
was struck

Leisl following in the 
footsteps of her namesake

The fortress across the river

Warm-up with a hot choc
at the Hotel Sacher

All her own work.

And of course we had to 
have cake...

...and eat it!

Mozart's Birthplace - 
and home to a 
slightly odd museum

Old Salzburg

Thanks to Karen for the invite, and to everyone else for making it a great New Year


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