Jo & Chris's Wedding

30 Jul 06

The day Jo and Chris got married...

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The Ceremony

The room at Lakeside


Pimms afterwards

the train

Mum and Dad

The happy parents

 Best Man and Bridesmaids

 The family Miles

 The Ladies

four jazzmen

the family Kay 
(now with added Mileses)


Jo Returns with entourage


... spots the paparazzi ...

Oi, you're not from Hello!

Leisl and I

the top table

Pat and Frank

The Speeches




and another thing...

The Cake

cutting it...

The cake

a good likeness of Chris...

Le Soir

Kathleen and David

Hellooo Jo

Mum & Dad dancing

she appears to have a Brother growing out of her shoulder...

The family Kay

Sue and Steve

The BA crowd

Adrian discovers breasts

Chris guests with the band

and goes for it

is he singing?

aaargh, he was!

Mum & Jo

Kathleen and David


Sally and Steve

Zoe - but what is she 
pointing at?

Martha 'working it' for the camera

Steph Harris

Daisy moshing

and Jo dancing the night away... 


a good time was had by all!!

As usual, if you have an improved description for any of the pics, want a higher resolution copy of any of them or if you want a photo removing or reg. obscuring, please contact me.

(c) Nick Kay 2006