TVRCC Track Day
Snetterton, 24th April 2006

Updated: 7th May 2006 

A few photos from my first track day at Snetterton...  Most are courtesy of Leisl, my Nav and official Photographer!  

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Lining up for the first session

Lovely Cascade T350t 

Peter's Griff

 on the main straight (spot who's clinging on in the passenger seat!)

 on the main straight (spot the passenger!)

Interloping Elise

Liz in the pit Garage

and out on the track



The Escort was 'slow' on the straights, but disappeared in the corners

does my head look big in this...

lining up for an overtake out of Russell 

mirrors full of Noble repaying the compliment....

... again

... and again!

but most of the time had the track to myself



Alan leading the pack in

A little bit of traffic though Russell

a bit more

Alan in his Griff

and again...

 and again...

Excuse me sir, this queue is for TVRs only...

Andy's Monster

more cars through Russell

Tony's consistent line through Russell... 1

... 2 ...

... 3 ... 

... 4 ...

and on up the start / finish straight

Burbling into the distance

As usual, if you have an improved description for any of the pics, want a higher resolution copy of any of them or if you want a photo removing or reg. obscuring, please contact me.

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