TVRCC Dunlop Tuscan Challenge
Oulton Park, 1st April 2006

Updated: 1st April 2006 

Opening round of the 2006 Dunlop Tuscan Challenge - some photos of the day - from the run across to Oulton Park, to the race itself

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Spectraflair Silver Tuscan - shining in the sun in Buxton

Convoy from Buxton to Oulton - TomTom took us the 'interesting' way!
Lots of TVRs were parked all over the circuit - 
this one appeared to be attracting 
similarly coloured marshals
Weather was 'changeable' to say the least
Andy's Uno on its first outing
Andy's Uno on its first outing
Andy's Uno on its first outing
He managed to avoid the gravel traps and
keep all 4 wheels on his wagon....
Never quite managed to get that rear wheel off the ground though...
Class A Winner Darren Dowling
Class A 2nd Hugh Marshall
Class A 3rd Tim Hood in his newly Sagaris bodied Tuscan
The Sagaris looked suitably menacing on the circuit...
Class B winner Marc Hockin
Marc again
Class B 2nd place Tim Broughton in the amazing colour shifting Tasmin 
- is it Green, Blue or (Royal) Purple?
Class B 3rd Place, TVRCC Competition Secretary Graham Walden
Sole runner in class C - 
TVRCC's own Howard Bryan
The Thorpedo which had problems during qualifying and was unable to run in the main race
Class A Tuscan - Steve Glynn
Class A Tuscan - Steve Cook
Certainly the greatest interest of the day was for the TVRs 

Flags were flying for TVR

Much interest in the race

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