Le Mans 2006

5-16 Jun 06

Caught up with the TVRCC North Yorks convoy as it rumbled past Nottingham on the A1 and continued southwards at an ever increasing pace ;-)

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Wacky Races - Midlands to Le Mans 

Gordon's Tuscan

Al overtaking for the camera

Gordon again

the Mondeo Men (support car) getting ahead of the convoy

Thursday - Classics pit walk, afternoon and evening practice

in the general car park near the classics paddock....

a trio of grey Porsches - wasn't Herbie no. 53?

MGA in the classics paddock..

in the classics paddock..

A beautiful GT-40 replica, built by a company in South Africa

This example could be yours for £80k - not bad being as it was re-engineered from scratch - no donor car parts


 the floorpan has also been dropped 2", making teh cockpit positively roomy. 

 The view most people would have had of it as it was driven down from UK by the company owner!

more from the classics paddock...

more from the classics paddock...

and this beautiful painting of a GT-40 was on sale in the village

Afternoon practice, and first slight of the snarling Astons

and the view down Tertre Rouge esses

Evening practice, Tertre Rouge again

and over towards the outfield

Shapes and patterns

Friday - Arnage, Chartre, Pitwalk and Drivers Parade

Friday morning gathering at Arnarge


There are more loonies than just Rich..

is this the automotive equivalent of two girls wearing the same dress to a party? 

The BBWF squadron Wedge as seen on the S-club raid - and a different type of raid coming in behind... 

Cobra squad arriving "nothing to see here - move on please" 

aha, ahem, not quite so serious


Sunbeam Alpine, like Leisl's Mum's, but redder!

Off to lunch at the cafe in La Chartre-sur-le-Loire where the GT40s were based in years gone

Al bringing up the rear

Our own blue Chim comvoy

Ahead Roger's VX in a Tuscan Sandwich

Gordon looking surprised that we are so close in his mirrors

Pitwalk and Lawrence's lot's Panoz laid out

Looking down the pitlane

David Brabham is an Aussie -although he didn't respond to Leisl's rallying call of "Aussie Aussie Aussie" later in the drivers parade!

Spyker nose

and bonnet badge detail

The new pit exit - note the "GLF" sign at the end of the pit lane

You got the feeling that Audi are putting a bit of money into this race...

The flying sofa was back...

with a neat overtaking manoeuvre on this Porsche

this dickhead was Danish

Spyker in Drivers parade

SLR in Drivers parade

Vantage in Drivers parade

Invicta inDrivers parade

GT40 in Drivers parade

Drivers parade

Drivers parade

Porsche in Drivers parade

Drivers parade

Drivers parade - another PH stickered 'vette

Drivers parade - PH'er Phil Bennett was one of the few to respond to the "rev it" call - although we did make the shout to Mark Busby (how were we to know he was the co-pilot??)!!

welllll, helllooooooo!

Saturday - Le 24 Hrs du Mans

Rolling start - LMP Cars

quickly followed by
the GT cars

Friday afternoon, the beer wall is starting to take shape

By Saturday evening, we'd made a 3 letter word....

The Beer wall contributors from the NYTVRCC:


(thanks to Pikey for taking the photo for us - and indeed for the starting point for this website's format - imitation / flattery etc..)

Meanwhile Houx was taking on Saharan proportions

and Liz was looking a bit mucky

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Evening shots at Tertre Rouge

Evening shots at Tertre Rouge

Evening shots at Tertre Rouge

Evening shots at Tertre Rouge

Unintended consequences of standing next to a 'pro' with a powerful flash gun

Makes for an interesting 
effect though

Grandstand at Midnight

Looking across to the Pits

Sunday - Le 24 Hrs du Mans

7am Sunday Morning

and the Audis are still running then...

and both....


And the Pesky Rolos

Gulf liveried Porsche, coming out of the Porsche curves

so good I took it twice

And Team LNT's Panoz still running

Big wheel was in a different place this year

Richard Sail's lot were also there

Meanwhile, on Maison Blanche, some people will do anything to avoid paying for a grandstand seat (note the hammock and bar area on the rear one)

Beermountain.com taking it very seriously

But more of a beer hillock - very disappointing

Prize for the most impressive beer sculpture

and most planned one - to bring an action man, with his own tent shows a slight vein of over-planning

Hmmm, still can't quite get my head around the 'diesel sports car' thing

Meanwhile back at the North Yorks beer wall...

TVR Ted reading sprint in a challenging place...

Last lap

The formation finish for Audi


and then the camera batteries went...



The return to civilisation - rest and recuperation on the way home 

Next day, we headed off to our country retreat in the Loire valley - Chateau Bourdaisière

All of the rooms are named - we were in Diane de Poitiers - the one with the balcony in the centre of the 1st floor. 

'TVR in front of Chateau' shots....

The French do 'do good bridge' - the Pont de Normandie

and the reassuring and jolly British sight of the white cliffs of Dover as we return to port.

spotted at the services - Corin's Cerbera, turned back into a pumpkin

One for Gordon - this 'lady' spotted on the way home, took purple shag pile to a whole new level....

You can just make out the purple fluffy dash-top, sun visors, headrests, steering wheel.....

And there can be no more complaints about not having enough space in a Chim...  the stuff we brought back was:

List of major items;
1 'single garage' sized tent + poles, 
2 clothes holdalls, 
1 shoe bag, 
1 spare pair of driving shoes, 
1 backpack for 'stuff', 
1 map bag, 
1 Palm TX with TomTom loaded
1 eskie*, 
1 'le monde de nemo' cool bag*, 
1 inflatable mattress & pump, 
2 folding chairs, 
1 umbrella + 2 rain jackets, 
1 small bucket, sponge, leather and car shampoo*, 
3 boxes of spares - fuses, bulbs, otter switches, belts, fluids etc., 
1 tyre pump, 
1 warning triangle, 
1 jack & wheel change kit + 2 cans of tyreweld, 
1 copy of 'bible', 
3 bottles of water*, 
20 bottles of wine*, 
2 wine glasses, 
3 loo rolls, 
15L of Mobil 5W40 *, 
1 bag of food from Leclerc*, 
1 crepe pan*, 3 blankets, 
1 straw hat (the famous one wot stayed on with the roof off!), 

Items marked * were bargain purchases out there...

and no, Leisl didn't get the train back - but it might explain why we had the roof on most of the way home... 


a good time was had by all - see you there next year!!

As usual, if you have an improved description for any of the pics, want a higher resolution copy of any of them or if you want a photo removing or reg. obscuring, please contact me.

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