TVR Car Club 'Mini TVR Thunder'
Rockingham, 5th June 2005

Updated: 6th June 2005 

My navigator / photographer couldn't make it this weekend, so there are very few pictures from the times when I was behind the wheel!

Fuller description to follow, but here are the photos...  Click on the pic to open a bigger version in a new window.


Early Morning Meet at the Corby Hilton

Convoy to Rockingham and parking in pride of place in front of the main stand 

As well as hoons doing donuts along the main straight, eventually there was some racing...

 ...this one seemed to be Ford L100 pickup trucks?

It was said there'd be fireworks if Pauline & Ray's Sagaris was let loose on the circuit...

...and there were

off went the Yellow Peril

Caption competition anyone?

followed by TVRs with the racing drivers sat on the boot lids

Driver perched on the back of Martin's 450SE

The BMW pace car had to weave to keep the Sagaris from overtaking

Drivers Parade

Flag the correct way around now!

Who loves Corby?

Lovely Red Griff, but who's the lardy bloke sat on the back?

More drivers...

More drivers...

More drivers...

More drivers...

Hang on, that's not a driver!

And neither is that!

any excuse to stop the Sagaris for a photo,  although there appears to be a young lady 
stood in the way.

A strange yellow shadow was seen flashing through the Pit Lane.

The amazing self - captioning car

Gentlemen starting their engines for the main race.  Note the rubber marks on the main straight were from the earlier hooning - not by the TVRs on the drivers parade

and they are off

Meanwhile back in the TVR paddock it was 'Ladies and gentlemen start your engines' for the 70-car Mini TVR Thunder

70-ish TVRs went out onto the circuit

Went around a couple of times

and 70-ish TVRs exited the circuit again.  Spot the interloper in our midst! 

As usual, if you have an improved description for any of the pics, want a higher resolution copy of any of them or if you want a photo removing or reg. obscuring, please contact me.

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