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Grimsthorpe Castle, 12th June 2005

Updated: 12th June 2005 

Lunchtime meet at the castle; time for a look around the cars; a look around the Castle, then depart through the private roads on the castle grounds and off to the Wishing Well in Dyke for refreshments.  As well as the usual suspects from the East Midlands, there was also a contingent from South Yorks in attendance.    

Nav/Photographer (Leisl) was back in the hot-seat for this one, and we stopped for lunch on the way to Grimsthorpe at the Tollemache Arms on the B676 in Buckminster - excellent food, ambiance and service - highly recommended.  

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TVRs of all ages and (engine) sizes

They need to keep them behind bars you know 

Elizabethan cars in front of Georgian house

is it true.......

 .......that Blue ones.......

.......are faster?

Off through the grounds on the Private estate roads

a law of motoring physics; you always end up
behind a bus - even on private roads 

but not for long

at Grimsthorpe, the hazards also included Cows

Why did the cows cross the road?

And where there are cows, there is cow poo.  
So much for our clean cars...

A Cerbera doing what they do best - looking evil 
in the mirrors

And then off the estate roads and towards the next stop.  The group cunningly deployed the 'left or right - which way did they go?' scatter approach to breaking up the convoy.  This led to a number of strange hand signals and U-turns....

....but with a little help, we rejoined the group and wended our way to the Wishing Well in Dyke.

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