TVRCC East Midlands - May 05

5 May 05

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Along the row of 30+ TVRs at the Petwood Hotel

The Old & the New

The Old & the New

James' anti-photographer Cerbera 

David's Tuscan in front of his country pile

Forming up at RAF East Kirkby under leaden skies

Stretched out along the runway

Sorry - being a newbie, I can't match many names to cars - contact me if you want a caption adding, or a higher res. version of the photo.  Also get in touch if you want the pictures of your car removing, or the number plate masking.

Also for download is a short videoclip of part of the 30+ TVRs taking part in the "minute's noise" in honour of Toby Hodgkinson - mvi_3058.avi  (it's 4.9 Mb - don't try downloading if you are on dial-up!)

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